Who am I?

I am a 23 year old male who took his last year of university to study in South Korea.  Before coming to South Korea I had studied in Tokyo, Japan.  I was set to be in Tokyo for one year, but unfortunately Earthquakes cut off the second half of that year.  My study abroad program made me come back to America for one quarter.  After completing that quarter, I decided I wanted to return to Asia, hopefully in a locale similar to Tokyo, and winded up in Seoul, South Korea. 


Originally, I was  planning to study here in Seoul for only the Summer and Fall.  After some time here, however, I saw that to be too short and decided to extend through the end of Spring.  Then, I decided I want to teach English in Korea.  I had only one academic session left after my Spring session, and so decided it’d be better to take that last session in Korea, rather than go back to the US just for two months. 

I have had many wonderful experiences so far here in South Korea.  I definitely feel being abroad is something you get better at the more times you do it.  Here in Seoul I’ve taught part time in various environments.  More than money, these times have given me great experiences and allowed me to meet wonderful people.  I’ve taught English to North Korean refugees, some of whom I’ve made great friends with.  I was able to visit the DMZ for free with one of these North Korean refugees.  There were about 50 other North Korean refugees of various ages who accompanied us and I was the only non-Korean among the group. I don’t want to say that by any means this was a defining moment for me in South Korea.  It’s just one example of several unique things I have been able to experience while in South Korea.